About Us

We debuted our premiere edition of Local POUR Magazine in early October 2021. The magazine includes interesting stories on crafters like Jessica Youngblood of Youngblood Vineyards, or Andrew Blake of Blake’s Hard Cider, along with many more. We wouldn’t be able to bring you this fabulous publication without the great team of creative geniuses from Studio Communications and the support of all the advertisers. Our writers all enjoy exploring and reporting on the world of craft beverages. We cover it all and are always willing to listen to your story ideas. Our advertisers are even more passionate about the craft beverage industry than we are since it is their livelihood. Be sure to mention you saw them in Local POUR. Please feel free to email our Editor-in-Chief Tracey Moro – [email protected] – with any story ideas you may have. Meet our team of creative geniuses below.


Tracey Moro — Editor in Chief

Tracey received her bachelor’s degree in Public Relations/ Journalism from Western Michigan University and now has more than 35 years of writing and project management experience. She is also the Editor in Chief for Macomb Now Magazine. She owns Studio Communications, a small PR/Graphic Design agency, which handles production of both Local POUR and Macomb Now along with other custom publications. Her love of wine began more years ago than she would like to say, but only became an obsession in the last decade. She enjoys a cold Pinot Grigio in the summer and a full bodied Cabernet all year long. Her love of Crafts began with Blake’s Flannel Mouth, which she enjoys with a shot of Fireball and ice. Getting to meet the crafters and learn more about their crafts is what Tracey is looking forward to with Local POUR.

[email protected]


Nick Lico
— Writer

Nick Lico is a seasoned copywriter and journalist with nearly 35 years of professional writing experience. His bylines have been found in numerous national and international consumer and trade publications. He holds a BA in journalism and a MA in Communication from Wayne State University. He and his wife have attended numerous wine tastings and count trips to Napa Valley and Sonoma as highlights of their love affair with wine. Nick embraces the new approach to wine and food pairing: don’t be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone and pair a hearty red with a flavorful fish.



Alexis Bohlinger
— Writer

Alexis is a journalist, cheese lover and wine connoisseur. She enjoys a full bodied Malbec and all New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs. She enjoys pairing her favorite wines with a colorful charcuterie board. When the mood strikes to go out for a locally brewed beer, you can find her at the Copper Hop Brewery in St. Clair Shores enjoying their Pint Break Blonde Ale on the patio with her pups. 



Rebecca Calappi — Writer

Rebecca Calappi is a freelance writer and patio drinker. In the summer, you can find her outside with a wheat beer like Mr. Blue Sky from Griffin Claw or a nice mixed cocktail–probably with rum. She’s been known to partake in wine but sticks mainly to the sweet, whites. For her, writing about the craft industry is fascinating, and she especially enjoys the stories behind the brews. Cheers!




Better On Draft

The folks at Better on Draft are experts when it comes to Craft Beer in Michigan and will provide a column each edition of Local POUR. They also have an app with a map listing all the breweries in Michigan. Find it at the App Store under Michigan Brewery Map. For more on Better on Draft – betterondraft.com.




Gabriella Baldwin — Writer

Gabriella Baldwin is a chef, mom, four-time food network competitor, and lover of bubbles–from Champagne, France to be specific. Aside from cooking, skateboarding and poppin’ bottles, Gabriella is starting to re-awaken her love for writing with Local POUR Magazine. Her take on food and beverage is simple: “Food is the body, wine is the dress, cocktails are like taking off your bra at the end of a long-hard day.” From every meal, glass, and column, the fluid ingredient for her will always be authenticity and love; but not like the sappy kind of love, it will be like the love you feel when you take a big bite of sushi and all the insides don’t fall out.




Diane Bowles — Advertising Sales Representative

Diane has worked in the publishing industry for more than 20 years working on consumer, trade and custom publications. She has a BA in Communications from Oakland University and has worked in various marketing, circulation and operational roles. She handles advertising sales for Local POUR Magazine as well as Macomb Now Magazine. When she’s not talking with advertisers, she enjoys visiting local crafters to sample their brews – whether it’s a tasty Hefeweizen, wheat or stout; white or red wines like Pinot Grigio or Pinot Noir; Triple Jam hard cider;  sangrias;  meads;  and of course, craft cocktails. She enjoys the experience of visiting tasting rooms and vineyards because not only do you meet great people, but each place has a unique personality and you find new drinks to love. If you are interested in advertising, please send her an email.

[email protected] 



Steve Carr — Webmaster

Steve has worked with digital media for over 25 years, with an extensive portfolio of digital media work. His love for craft beer came when he first tried Vanilla Java Porter from Atwater. Porters are his favorite, but he’s always willing to try others!